Infographic: The document scanning process explained
Kellie Heinze | 15 Feb 2018

Infographic: The document scanning process explained

EDM's team of specialists have developed an efficient document scanning process, so we have put together a useful infographic to act as a visual aid to explain the process and how your organisation can benefit from it. 


Our expert team will discuss and assess your personal requirements and provide the most efficient and cost-effective options for your business.


We collect your documents from your premises, wherever you are based. Our vetted drivers and highly secure vehicles ensure your data is transported safely. All documents are checked in and bar-coded, allowing you to electronically access and track your information at all times. 


Documents are prepared for scanning in our highly secure environment ensuring full protection of your critical data.


Documents are scanned in full compliance with industry-specific requirements using the latest high speed state of the art scanning machines. Documents are classified and key data captured using Intelligent Capture technology. 


All digitised information goes through strict quality assurance processes. All data is managed in line with your document retention policy and industry-specific compliance. 


Data is stored in our secure EDM cloud and/or delivered to your core systems for easy access. 

Archive or destruction

Physical documents are finally archived or destroyed using accredited protocols.


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