London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust appoints EDM Group to rapidly digitise outpatient records

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London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust appoints EDM Group to rapidly digitise outpatient records
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Written by: Kellie Heinze
Publish Date: May 26, 2020
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EDM Group is helping London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LNWUH) reduce the risk of infection for outpatients during the COVID-19 pandemic by rapidly digitising tens of thousands of medical records to enable ‘virtual outpatient clinics’ in conjunction with IMMJ Systems MediViewer™.

The emergency service to scan medical records on demand in advance of outpatient clinics will be up and running in just 6 weeks and will digitise the majority of the trusts outpatient records over 6 months, and then moves on to accelerate the trusts digital transformation programme by digitising all active patient records over 3 years.

EDM Group has provided record and document management services to the Trust for many years and, as a trusted partner, was seen as the ideal company to provide this urgent scanning service to support virtual outpatient clinics. EDM Group has extensive experience in the digitisation of medical records with an expert and dedicated processing team based in Wolverhampton, who have continued to work through the COVID-19 crisis to support the NHS, while taking necessary precautions of social distancing and other measures to put the health and safety of staff first.    

On a daily basis EDM Group will collect the patient records picked by the medical records staff in advance of outpatient clinics. Records will be taken to EDM Group’s state of the art production facility where they will be quarantined prior to scanning.  Once scanned, the electronic records with be transferred to IMMJ Systems’ MediViewer hosted in UK-Cloud. 

Sonia Patel, CIO of LNWUH commented that “EDM’s ability to respond in a short time frame with a secure scanning service for outpatient clinics has been a phenomenal effort, and played a major part in enabling us to respond more effectively to the COVID-19 emergency.  We are now embarking on a digital journey that will transform the way we work, by providing our clinicians instant access to patient records electronically, which will reduce risk and ultimately improve patient care.”

Ruth Gooda, Head of Healthcare at EDM commented: “EDM is really proud to be able to support the Trust and the NHS at this extremely challenging time with a project that will allow the Trust, through technology, to continue to provide care more safely.  We look forward to working with the Trust now and post COVID-19 to remove the reliance of paper within the organisation, and to deliver long term benefits. “ 

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