The Bulk Document Scanning Process

Document Scanning

The Bulk Document Scanning Process
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Written by: Tim Myatt
Publish Date: Dec 2, 2020
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EDM’s Bulk Document Scanning process is a complex and well-thought out methodology to appease any security concerns and provide secure service every step of the way. We’re proud of how we operate. 

Here’s how EDM’s bulk document scanning process works:

  1. Consultation
    The first step is to speak to one of our scanning experts. Our expert team will help you ascertain the size of the project, assessing your requirements and, subsequently, developing the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your business needs.

    At this stage, we’ll also collect your data & document retention policy and assess any industry-specific compliance which your documents may be subject to.

    Lastly, we identify how you would like the digitised documents returned to you - EDMonline™ or your own secure server.

  2. Collection
    Once the plan is in place, a secure EDM vehicle will come and collect your documents at your premises, no matter where you’re based. Our fleet of vehicles are highly secure and tracked at all times and our drivers vetted correctly. We ensure that your data and documents are safe at all times.

  3. Production
    Upon arrival at our top-of-the-range facilities, all documents are checked in and barcoded. This allows you to begin electronically track your documents as they begin their digitisation journey in earnest.

    Documents are prepared for scanning in a our highly secure environment ensuring full protection of critical data.

  4. Scan
    Documents are scanned in line with stringent compliance laws and your industry-specific requirements. Our state-of-the-art scanning machines provide some of the fastest scanning available in the UK.

    Documents are then classified and key data is captured using a mix of optical recognition technology (OCR) and AI. This steps is required to make sure that your documents (and their contents) are simple to search for digitally.

  5. Quality
    We verify that all digitised information is up to our standards. Everything runs through our strict quality assurance process and, of course, you the client verifies the quality.

  6. Storage
    Before the digitised documents are stored online, the data is checked in line with your document retention policy and industry-specific compliance laws.

    The data is then stored on our hosted platform, EDMonline™ or delivered to your core systems for easy access.

  7. Archive or Destruction

With your data now digitised and easy to reach, physical documents can be archived or destroyed using accredited security protocols.

On rare instances that you require it, arrangements can be made to return physical documents to the client.

While it seems like a relatively straightforward proposition, Each step of the process is marked by security gates of sorts which ensure that your documents are vetted, tracked and safeguarded throughout. 

This is just one small aspect of bulk document scanning. If you want to know more about the questions you should come armed with before digitising documents or the unseen benefits of scanning, check out our Guide to Document Scanning

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