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EDM is the leading provider of rapid bulk document scanning services. Our security-focused, high-quality approach to going paperless is why we’re trusted by so many large, risk-averse enterprises across healthcare, banking and automotive finance.

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Why choose EDM for your bulk document scanning project?

Our team of bulk scanning specialists are highly experienced in managing sensitive documents from a wide range of highly regulated industries. Our experts can rapidly identify your concerns, understand your needs and develop the most cost-effective scanning solution for your business.

We know the concerns felt by businesses sending their documents into storage or scanning facilities. EDM’s digitisation processes provide visibility at all stages of the project. Our EDM tracker technology gives access to individual documents in real-time. We provide peace of mind throughout your bulk document scanning project. Understanding that document scanning can be a capital intensive project, EDM has also devised a more flexible Scan-on-Demand service to support businesses with an alternative approach.

With a team of over 250 people and 4 dedicated scanning bureaus, we are able to meet some of the largest digitisation demands, ensuring a scalable and fast solution. With UK wide coverage and vetted staff operating our fully accredited facilities, your documents remain secure and GDPR compliant.

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Helping businesses become paper-free through bulk scanning

EDM's approach to bulk document scanning

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Have you considered EDM's Scan-on-Demand service?

EDM specialises in providing a Scan-on-Demand service. This enables you to get the best of document storage and bulk document scanning, freeing up real-estate whilst providing digital copies as and when you need them.

As with our bulk scanning service, EDM’s Scan-on-Demand is subject to the same stringent audit trails, secure facilities and compliance. 

Crucially, with Scan-on-Demand, you can spread the cost of digitisation and only scan what you need and when you require it. This flexibility allows you to approach your digital transformation at your own pace.

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Fulfilling high volume and complex requirements for our clients

With the capacity to deliver bulk scanning projects, we can accurately fulfil high volume and complex requirements for our clients with a swift turnaround. We digitise hundreds of millions of documents annually, transforming analogue and historic document types, from paper or faxes to microfiche and microfilm.

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Why businesses invest in bulk scanning


Reduction in costs

Cost of maintaining space for high-volume physical records can impact businesses financially. Investing in bulk document scanning will mean switching physical documents with digitised ones - drastically reducing estate costs.



Digitised documents are available instantaneously to staff, can be shared easily and reviewed simultaneously. Digitised images can be made ‘text searchable’ with our OCR capability meaning you can find the information you need with a simple search.



Bulk scanning and the digitisation of documents provides a vital inventory of your business’ data. Inventory knowledge (at a file-level) is of paramount importance for accurate document retention and to ensure your organisation is fully GDPR compliant.


Operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency by letting our experts manage, archive and scan documents, providing rapid, digital access through our EDMonline digital platform.


Security and compliance

Paper records can be lost or misplaced and difficult to trace - ultimately risking your business’ security and compliance status. Whether you choose our Scan-on-Demand service or bulk document scanning, your files will be secure with our fully-compliant digital ecosystem.


Proven governance

Proven project governance capabilities on large and highly sensitive nationwide document scanning projects.

Bulk document scanning is just one element of our comprehensive digitisation service

Bulk scanning is just one service we offer as part of our digital transformation capabilities. Depending on where you are on your digitisation journey, we may well be able to help you further. Take a look at some of our other related services.

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Healthcare Banks & Building Societies Insurance Automotive Finance

We’ve worked with over 45 NHS Trusts to digitise medical records

EDM supports the NHS Digital Transformation and has helped a number of Trusts achieve a more effective way to manage, maintain, access and share medical records - providing a vast improvement to patient care and increased compliance and security.

One billion +

Medical record images scanned

EDM helps banks and building societies achieve paper freedom

EDM has helped some of the most prominent organisations in the Banks and Building Societies sector reduce their paper handling costs, meet regulatory compliance requirements, free up expensive real estate as well as providing high quality customer service.


Reduction in customers’ operational costs

Learn more about how Insurers are working with EDM to digitise the insurance industry

The Insurance sector is one of the most competitive environments in business today. To survive in such a competitive marketplace, insurers have to be ruthlessly efficient, delivering an enhanced customer experience, operate at the lowest possible costs and comply with complex regulations and legislation.


Reduction in claims cycle

Learn more about how EDM is working with the Automotive industry to improve processes

EDM has delivered numerous solutions to the automotive retail sector, but we specialise in processes important to Automotive Finance such as getting your customer in their car as smoothly as possible via our automated Digital Payout solution and getting them out of the car at the end of a lease or rental with our Digital Damage Management solution.


Increase in processing capability