Digital mailroom and claims and enrollment processing

Digital mailroom and claims and enrollment processing

A large top 3 US health insurance company was processing all enrollment correspondence, including new enrollments, changes in enrollment and special requests, in-house. Correspondence was being delivered via email, fax and mail and manually processed by employees, with no set process for prioritization of urgent requests.


A lack of defined departmental routing led to lenghty processing time, and manual processes resulted in a high level of errors. Without an established prioritization process, requests that were truly urgent were not addressed in a timely manner. The company was looking to create an efficient workflow in order to reduce processing time and mitigate unnecessary costs.


EDM took over all intake all of emails, faxes and regular mail and moved the entire operation to an EDM facility.  EDM then developed a streamlined workflow to intake all correspondence, provide all indexing to determine key data points such as new or existing policy change, company, and policy holder.  The information was input to EDMonline™, our proprietary, cloud-based document management and workflow solution, and digitally routed based to the appropriate department and within the client’s own system.


EDM was able to streamline the enrollment process resulting in increased efficiency and provide the prioritisation to put more important documents at the front of the queue.  With a dedicated team to enable faster email processing, more of the insurer’s clients were submitting forms via email, which in turn reduced paper, time and cost.

The firm reported the significant benefits of using EDM’s Digital Mailroom for Enrollment Process including: Streamlined process and decreased turnaround time, lowers overheads and operational costs.  The confirmation of receipt to clients via text and email, resulted in higher client satisfaction, while operational visibility was enabled into entire enrollment process across the organisation, from management to client support.

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