EDM delivers fast-tracked print and mail solution for global insurance organization

EDM delivers fast-tracked print and mail solution for global insurance organization

Our customer, a well-known insurance company operating in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America, provides life insurance, annuities, retirement-related services, mutual funds and investment management. EDM has partnered with this company for years, and successfully manages its high-volume print and mail projects as well as a digital mailroom.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes were faced with never-before-experienced challenges. Our customer quickly deployed a work-from-home strategy for the majority of its staff and identified specific processes that could not be completed by its newly remote workforce.

The creation, printing and mailing of low volume, time-sensitive outbound customer communications was typically handled in-house, and the vital, yet manual, business functions still had to be completed even in the absence on-site personnel. A quick-to-implement strategy for low volume, mostly manual, print and mail pieces was needed. The company reached out to EDM to explore feasible options.


Flexibility was key to addressing the company’s needs. Workflows were adapted to handle various mailing requirements; some projects included thousands of printed pieces and others encompassed the printing, mailing and tracking of a single letter. Internal departments including Retirement Beneficiary Services, Retirement Claims, Pension Services, Structured Settlements, Participant Services, Group Life and Contracts turned to EDM to print and mail crucial, time-sensitive correspondence.

EDM was equipped to handle every type of print request—statements, letters, checks, booklets, flats and more—and ensured all mailing requirements were met. The timeline from the initial, exploratory conversations to the successful solution implementation per department was five business days.


Partnering with EDM to outsource traditionally internal business functions allowed the company to maintain expected levels of excellence and commitment to its policyholders even in times of great change and uncertainty. All outbound correspondence for more than ten departments is being printed and mailed within 24 hours of file receipt.

The solution adheres to strict regulatory requirements and EDM’s expertise and agility were acknowledged by the company’s senior management. The Vice President, Customer Communications noted, “EDM’s rapid response and attention to detail allowed us to focus on our employees and clients’ needs during this unprecedented time.”

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