Document Storage & Records Management Services

EDM specialises in developing bespoke document storage and records management solutions for organisations in highly-regulated and security-conscious industries.

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Document storage, retrieval and management solutions

EDM is a leader in offsite document storage & records management services for businesses across the country. The business works heavily with legal practices, financial services firms and healthcare organisations - to deliver safe, secure and compliant document storage solutions.

We know that taking your important documentation offsite can cause anxiety and worry. This is why our state-of-the-art storage facilities are designed to provide peace of mind. All our sites are equipped with advanced fire detection and security systems that preserve your hard-copy documents, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of loss or damage.

At EDM, our experts consult with businesses to create an offsite document storage solution tailored to your business requirements - balancing accessibility and cost, and only undergoing digitisation of hardcopy documents where appropriate.

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Why businesses choose EDM's records management services


Items retrieved monthly


Cubic ft storage capacity


Scan-on-demand images per month (UK)


Indexed files (UK)

Why outsource your document storage and records management to EDM?

The experts at EDM work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of security, compliance and innovation within the offsite document storage industry. They work tirelessly to stay abreast of trends, help you build secure processes and, in turn, mitigate risk. Routinely consulting with businesses and partners to understand the needs of the marketplace and ensure that our service is innovative and fit for your needs.

Ease of Access

Think of EDM’s state-of-the-art facilities as an extension to your workplace. Do as you would normally with your documents through our same-day retrieval process… without the associated onsite filing footprint.

Our scan-on-demand service allows you to access your documents digitally, wherever you are, through our hosted document management platform, EDMonline™.


Choosing to go offsite with your record management brings the question of security to the forefront. EDM’s document storage facilities contain advanced fire detection and prevention technologies.

All on-site movements are tracked, monitored and collected in a secure audit trail ensuring we know where everything (& everyone) is at all times.


With property costs and management such a substantial part of business outgoings, freeing up space with offsite document storage can have a major impact on the bottom line.

Additionally, EDM’s proactive approach to client relationships extends to delivering regular updates on your account and activities. This consistent visibility and communication enables our team to identify potential cost-saving opportunities within your account and notify you promptly to make sure you’re always getting the best deal.


Compliance is at the heart of how EDM operates. With so many organisations handling personal and private data on a daily basis, the risk of non-compliance grows significantly. Without a robust document storage process, you could leave yourself open to hefty fines or worse.

In order to mitigate these risks and minimise potential human error, the EDM team proactively manages your records. Informing you when records no longer need to be retained and can be destroyed.

Increasing usable workspace whilst improving internal systems efficiency

Leavers’ files were stored in EDM’s purpose-built and secure records management centre, making them easy to retrieve using EDM’s scan on demand service and viewed via EDMonline™ so that all files could be accessed from a single system.
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EDM's Security-First Approach

  • Fully vetted staff

  • Perimeter fencing

  • Access controlled gating and entrances

  • ISO27001 accredited

  • Advanced fire detection and prevention technology

  • Intelligent tracking software

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What separates EDM apart?

Archive storage

We transition your physical documents to one of our secure off-site records management storage centres, all of which have the capability to house a staggering 15 million archive boxes across the UK.

Live file manager

At EDM’s records management centres, we don’t just house archives. All of our sites take strict security measures and procedures to protect your live files against damage or theft, as well as only allowing internal access to authorised personnel.


For those businesses needing to frequently access their files, our scan on demand service allows you to request electronic copies of individual documents which are scanned, digitised and made available to the same day.

Associated logistics

Our complete logistics solution removes any concern that comes with transitioning sensitive information. At your convenience we provide packing, indexing and transportation of your business-critical documents.

Document storage is just a single part of EDM’s comprehensive document management and digital transformation services

Our passion and commitment to digital transformation extends beyond document storage and records management. EDM offers a range of transformative services to support clients as they optimise their workspace for the digital age. Whether you require a full lifecycle digital transformation programme or help to scan vital documentation, EDM can support you.

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Healthcare Banks & Building Societies Insurance Automotive Finance

Learn more about how EDM is working with major healthcare providers

EDM is transforming the way patient care is delivered in healthcare organisations, by making medical records instantly available to professionals throughout the sector.

One billion +

Medical record images scanned

Learn more about how major banks and building societies are working with EDM to digitise the financial sector

Leading global financial services organisations have revolutionised customer service standards through EDM’s robust information management solutions.


Reduction in customers operational costs

Learn more about how Insurers are working with EDM to digitise the insurance industry

We work with some of the leading insurance companies to transform the efficiency of internal operations and dramatically improve customer service across the sector.


Reduction in claims cycle

Learn more about how EDM is working with the Automotive industry to improve processes

EDM is enhancing customer service and improving operational efficiency in top automotive finance companies with our records management and document storage solutions


Increase in processing capability

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Whether you have paper, microfilm/microfiche, or other types of records, there is no safer location than in one of EDM’s storage facilities. All of EDM’s facilities incorporate advanced technology and security systems to preserve our clients’ hard-copy records for their entire lifetime.

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