Buyer's Guide: 10 Crucial Questions You Should Ask Your Document Scanning Vendor

For large organisations, there are clear advantages to scanning hard-copy documentation:

  • To free-up floor space
  • Mitigate risk and improve compliance
  • Ease of locating documents
  • Ability for allowing multiple people to access a document simultaneously

However, before you can fully benefit from these, you’ll need to know how to identify a document scanning vendor who can effectively handle and safely process your document scanning requirements, from compliance to organisational.

We’ve put together this useful guide for you of the 10 key questions that you should ask your document scanning vendor in order to understand their capabilities, technologies and processes to ensure they are suitable to manage your projects going forward.

What you'll learn in this free e-guide:

  • How to identify a Document Scanning Vendor

  • Crucial questions you should ask to assess their capabilities

  • What you should expect in terms of costs and timescales

  • How you can ensure compliance to the GDPR and other regulations

  • What the best practices are for document digitisation and how to spot the red flags with your supplier

  • Be a crucial source of information and best practice on digitisation to get buy-in from your C-Suite

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