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EDM's original digital mailroom now with rapid implementation will give your remote workforce fast, secure and digital access to business mail wherever they are, keeping your teams connected to your data and customers.

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In these unprecedented times, EDM's emergency mailroom capabilities are helping B2C enterprise organizations to stay connected to their team members and customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many organizations deploying a work-from-home policy and required business correspondence must be made available securely and electronically to their teams wherever they are.

EDM's emergency mailroom can be implemented within 5 days

In just 3 steps you can access EDM's Emergency Mailroom services. Once live, you will have full visibility of your operation and instant access to business correspondence. 

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An emergency digital mailroom is one element of an enhanced digitization solution.

Depending on your requirements, you may need one or more services that can help you achieve your business goals. Explore some of our related digitization services.

What is a digital mailroom?

Digitizing your mailroom processes will help bring your business closer to both your data and your customers, enabling better customer service, improved efficiency, reduced costs and improved compliance and quality. With a digital mailroom, your business could increase operational efficiency by up to 60% and realize 20% financial savings within the first year. 


Widespread coverage

Our network of facilities allows us to work wherever you are based in order to make the whole process as smooth as possible.


Secure and compliant

We provide compliant services and have deep experience with clients in highly regulated sectors such as insurance, government, financial and healthcare.


Integrated services

We provide a range of services and can offer your business a full range of transformative services that integrate seamlessly to move your business forward.

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mailroom solution can help your business

Insurance Healthcare Finance

Learn more about how insurance companies are working with EDM to digitize the insurance industry

The insurance sector is one of the most competitive business environments. To survive in such a competitive marketplace, insurers have to be exceptionally efficient, deliver an enhanced customer experience, operate at the lowest possible costs and comply with complex regulations and legislation.


Reduction in claims cycle

We expertly and compliantly digitize medical records

EDM helps healthcare clients securely manage, maintain and medical records compliantly, adhering to all HIPAA regulations and requirements.

One billion +

Medical record images scanned

EDM helps banks and financial institutions achieve paper freedom

EDM has helped some of the most prominent companies in the financial sector reduce their paper handling costs, meet regulatory compliance requirements, free up expensive real estate as well as provide high-quality customer service.


Reduction in customers operational costs

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Our survey showed that 30% of respondents cite delays in processing inbound mail as having a negative effect on their performance or reputation. Download the whitepaper by clicking below.

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