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EDM supports financial institutions to deliver solutions that transform middle office processes, mitigate risk and streamline operations to meet customer needs and expectations.

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Heads of mortgage, risk and IT work with EDM to deliver customer requirements with processes that are effective, compliant with all regulations and rapid to implement. EDM's unique set of capabilities and decades of experience in reducing complexity and risk for financial services operations, actively supporting our clients at all stages of their digital transformation journey.


Intelligent solutions for financial institutions

EDM has the ability to work with data providers, integrate and provide information that allows us to triage and provide a solution to meet business requirements. What EDM has shown us over the past 5 years is that they are a trusted supplier and can deliver when they say they will.

Why financial organizations invest in EDM’s digital solutions

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Risk decisions in real time


Less manual processing


Reduction in customer on-boarding time

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Specialists in mortgage decision automation

Mortgage lenders are working with EDM to increase efficiency and cut costs from the mortgage sales process.

EDM’s mortgage hub technology, APIs and open banking capabilities are allowing multiple mortgage lenders to transform their end-to-end mortgage journey and enjoy significant cost savings and customer experience gains.

Our smart API technology automates income and expenditure verification, property risk and conveyancing; replacing manual tasks that take hours with machine tasks that take seconds and enabling a real-time digital customer journey integrated with the lenders’ legacy systems.

More About Decision Automation

The power of understanding your data

Helping financial organizations gain a competitive edge and mitigate risk

Our digital transformation solutions for the financial sector are delivered through our wider portfolio of capabilities

EDM's commitment to digital transformation means our services aren’t limited to just risk mitigation and hosted document management. We are able to provide comprehensive and integrated service through our additional capabilities.

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