Meet the Team: Paul Wheatley, UK Sales and Marketing Director

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Meet the Team: Paul Wheatley, UK Sales and Marketing Director
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Written by: Kellie Heinze
Publish Date: Apr 6, 2021
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In our second instalment of our new blog series – ‘Meet the Team’, we sat down with Paul Wheatley, EDM’s UK Sales and Marketing Director. Paul joined EDM in February 2021 to head up the Sales and Marketing functions, with a primary focus on matching new customers to EDM’s portfolio of services.

Tell us about your career to date

Paul has worked in the IT space for close to 30 years, starting out “on the tools” and contributing to a variety of project development roles in financial services and public sector. His first senior role was in the capacity of UK Sales Manager for Canon where Paul was responsible for delivering a successful sales strategic platform, selling workflow solutions.

“I then went on to Ricoh to fulfil the role of Director for Ricoh Wales, successfully establishing a business and becoming more and more involved in helping large organisations with their Digital Agenda."

"At that time organisations were beginning to realise they could access digital tools to help deliver automation of documents and business processes. They were beginning to acknowledge the value of investing in cloud services and technology to become less paper dependent."

Paul describes being head hunted to work for Capita Workplace Technology to head up Enterprise and Public Sector sales, specialising in collaboration and workflow technologies. “Following a very successful 18 months, I had an internal promotion to head up the new business sales team for Workspace Agility. This role specialised in IT Managed Services, UX and BI. I worked closely with Microsoft and Citrix to deliver a smarter way to work for our clients. All very key and topical at the time, with more flexible working options being made available to employees."

I also got involved with organisations beginning to adopt RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology to speed up and improve accuracy rates in monotonous business processes and improve the customer experience."

What expertise do you bring to EDM?

It is in Paul's DNA is to help clients succeed, to fully understand the challenges and issues they are facing and to be able to help them deliver better outcomes in the most valued way. “I regularly harness on my IT background to help me to understand the drivers for digital transformation and quickly identify any potential barriers. My role is to remove those barriers to change and help my clients to go digital faster. “

My role is to remove those barriers to change and help my clients to go digital faster."

Which of EDM's products and services are you most excited to take to market?

“EDM has a great heritage in paper to digital services. Ultimately all of EDM’s services help to transform inefficient business processes and support positive change in our customer’s organisation. From RIM (document storage services), scan-on-demand, bulk document scanning, mailroom, mail fulfilment and decision automation - we work with customers at different stages on their digital transformation journey and help them move further up the curve to give them a competitive advantage.”

What is your approach as a Sales and Marketing Director

When asked about his approach as a Sales and Marketing Director, Paul answered easily, “hard work, clear vision and value for our clients”. Paul added, "as for my approach, for me, it is all about the customer. The team needs to understand the key issues our customers are facing and then innovative, delivering better outcomes to resolve their pain points. This involves pro-actively listening to our customers needs and then empowering them with the technology to succeed. We want to be true business partners who help our customers to improve relationships with their own customers. We will need to innovate and co-create to do this effectively.”

“This involves pro-actively listening to our customer's needs and then empowering them with the technology to succeed."

What digital transformation trends do you expect to see this year?

“It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about years of change in the way companies in all sectors and regions do business. Companies have accelerated the digitisation of their customer and supply-chain interactions and their internal operations by three to four years. This has significantly ramped-up the pace of change in our target sectors. Organisations need to collaborate more effectively and interact with customers through digital channels successfully. Ultimately this means the right people, having access to the right information, at the right time - EDM enables that to happen.”

"Ultimately this means the right people, having access to the right information, at the right time - EDM enables that to happen.”

Paul adds, “Public (Hybrid) Cloud adoption and AI initiatives are critical as organisations look to re-organise and relocate resources. Cloud governance and security is another top challenge as organisations look to reduce the number of data centre locations and implement office consolidations. Ultimately this means the paper must be digitised, legacy business applications and processes need to be digitally transformed."

Tell us something about you

“I’ve got a big birthday coming up which I hope to get to celebrate properly out of lockdown. I’m really looking forward to going to a good restaurant again with my wife and two children. Most weekends are normally spent on the golf course and walking my 8 yr old Labrador (my 3rd child)."

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