Transforming Business Process in the Insurance Sector

To survive in one of the most competitive marketplaces, insurers have to be ruthlessly efficient, delivering an enhanced customer experience, operate at the lowest possible costs and comply with complex regulations and legislation.

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EDM works with many leading insurance companies in the UK transforming business processes and facilitating competitive advantage through a wide range of intelligent solutions. Our capabilities allow for insurers to reduce regulatory risk through the electronic storage and movement of data to both internal users and a company’s customers.


EDM helps MA Assist gain competitive advantage

Developing technology with EDM has given MA Assist a very important service differentiator over competitors in terms of cost and revenue.

Why leading insurers work with us


Claims processing capacity


Reduction in claims cycle time


Savings in operational efficiency


6 months return on investment

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Our integrated capabilities 

Our digital mailroom solution ensures that inbound and outbound communication – regardless of its source – is handled appropriately and efficiently, before being uploaded to our powerful hosted document management  solution.

Our bespoke image and workflow BPM system intelligently routes all work to the appropriate group where it is allocated to the correct members of staff. Key processes are completely automated, for both inbound and outbound communications.

Our API-based technology approach is quick to install but is not intrusive with other legacy platform systems - therefore the adoption of this technology is efficient, risk-averse and cost-effective.

The benefits of our solution are:

Our solutions help transform your business

From claims management and case and file management, to renewals and ongoing customer communications - our range of digital solutions can help transform your business processes and streamline operations. Learn more about each of our solutions.

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Recommends - The Rise of the Digital Mailroom Whitepaper

Our survey showed that 30% of respondents cite delays in processing inbound mail as having a negative effect on their performance or reputation, while 40% stated that mishandling mail has a negative impact on customer service levels.

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