The Rise of the Digital Mailroom

Many organisations are still receiving thousands of pieces of post weekly.

Our survey showed that 30% of respondents cite delays in processing inbound mail as having a negative effect on their performance or reputation while 40% stated that mishandling mail has a negative impact on customer service levels.

Does this sound familiar?

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HMRC chose EDM for digitising, indexing and managing around 20 million pieces of inbound mail per year.

EDM delivered a dedicated outsourced Digital Mailroom environment within 4 months of project kick off. This mailroom now processes over 30,000 mail items per day within SLA’s of 36 to 48 hours.

An efficient Digital Mailroom, with adequate staffing, can process most documents within 24 hours of arrival.

Key issues with paper-based workflows:

  • Manual paper-based workflows cost 2-3x
    more per document than imaging-based
  • Paper-based workflows propagate
    inefficiencies throughout the organization
    and slow growth
  • Outsourcing your paper-based workflow
    to a specialist saves time and
    money while maintaining security

Faster document processing means:

  • Lower operating costs for all business processes
  • Faster access to funds
  • Fewer staff required during both normal and peak periods

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