The Complete Guide to Digital Mailroom

Tired of the hassle and challenges of dealing with physical mail in your business?

Traditional mailrooms may have worked well historically, but they don't provide a solution to modern business challenges, such as working from home, operating across multiple business locations, and the ever-growing push to go paperless.

A digital mailroom provides a more adaptable solution, better suited for modern businesses.

Download our Complete Guide to Digital Mailroom and learn more about how Digital Mailroom solutions can benefit for your organisation.

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HMRC chose EDM for digitising, indexing and managing around 20 million pieces of inbound mail per year.

EDM delivered a dedicated outsourced Digital Mailroom environment within 4 months of project kick off. This mailroom now processes over 30,000 mail items per day within SLA’s of 36 to 48 hours.

Download the complete guide to find out:

  • What is a digital mailroom?
  • How the digital mailroom process works
  • How digital mailrooms lead to cost effectiveness
  • Whether in-house or outsourced is right for you
  • Who benefits from a digital mailroom
  • How digital mailrooms improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and compliance
  • How quickly you need to go live
  • Everything you should ask your digital mailroom vendor

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