How digitising medical records can positively impact patient care

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How digitising medical records can positively impact patient care
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Written by: Ruth Gooda
Publish Date: Jan 8, 2019
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With the NHS facing government cuts of at least £600m by 2020/21: hospitals can no longer afford the most modern scanners and surgical equipment to treat patients with critical illnesses and other diseases. This has a considerable impact on patient care with a study by the BMJ linking 120,000 deaths to spending cuts beneath austerity. It is therefore more important than ever that NHS Trust look to reduce their administration costs by pursuing a paper-less agenda.

Research shows that an average Trust can save between £1.5million to £3 million per annum by scanning their medical records and releasing valuable estate and making better use of staff resources.

On average, it takes:

  • 10,000 full-time staff to manage medical records
  • These are typically housed in 200,000 square metres of space
  • This costs the NHS around £300 million per year.

This is much-needed money which could be used instead to improve patient quality of care.

...Yet only 25% of NHS Trusts currently are considered ‘paper free’ at the point of care.

Over 45 NHS trusts have benefitted from EDM Group’s medical records scanning solution in their aim to become less reliant on paper.  Safe, accurate, and secure access to patient records allows healthcare professionals to focus their critical resources on patient care.

Movement of paper across multiple sites creates risk of loss and misplacement, while paper-based records require a high-level of administration by doctors, medical secretaries, and medical records staff.

Records scanning requires establishing a detailed rollout plan for each organisation before documents are scanned to an agreed time frame. Digital documents are then uploaded to a centralised electronic document management system, and then securely destroyed via EDM’s own document handlers.

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