Human error could cost UK businesses up to €20 million

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Human error could cost UK businesses up to €20 million
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Written by: Kellie Heinze
Publish Date: Jan 23, 2019
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Over three-quarters (76%) of British businesses say that a proportion of inbound mail and communications is incorrectly allocated due to physical handling, putting them at risk of being fined millions.

With the GDPR, businesses mishandling sensitive personal data at any point in their workflow are at risk of facing a maximum fine of up €20 million, or 4% of their annual global turnover. Yet, 81% of businesses have not adopted a digital mailroom.

Leading enterprise information management company EDM Group surveyed 210 organisations in order to gauge how digital mailroom, the automation of getting all inbound communications into a single digital channel, can reduce the risk of human error.

Manual processing of inbound mail and communications can cause error in misallocation and through pressure on staff to complete processes quickly. NICE, EDM’s robotics partner, found that humans typically make 10 errors during a 100-step process. 23% of UK businesses receive more than 5,000 items of inbound mail every month.

Just 16% of companies said that they always meet their mail service level, while 39% believe that mishandling mail has a negative impact on their performance or reputation.

40% of businesses think that a digital mailroom would improve their organisation’s performance.

A digital mailroom improved organisational efficiency for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), who receive over 70 million letters and send out 200 million outsourced items a year. By streamlining HMRC’s inbound data handling, both customer service and care of valuable and sensitive documents significantly improved. 

Digital mailroom ensures any risk associated with human error and vulnerable documents are eliminated with comprehensive audit trails, automatic document retention strategies, and enforced adherence to compliance rules. EDM’s hard-won expertise in this field allows them to capture, store, process and handle critical information the most efficient way.

Note to editors:

Digital mailroom is one organisational component of being GDPR compliant. Organisations must be fully aware of all the data they interact with and ensure they are storing it, processing it and retrieving it lawfully under the new regulation.

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