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EDM is a leading provider of digital mailroom solutions for enterprise clients in both the public and private sectors. Our fully scalable solutions grow with your business bringing you closer to your data and customers.

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What is EDM’s Digital Mailroom Service?

Our digital mailroom service is a scalable tool to enhance your business processes and help you deliver a more refined customer experience. By taking all incoming mail and digitising the physical post, you can reduce paper usage and human error associated with physically routing documents and store data in a singular, secure environment. AI ensures that all documentation is categorised swiftly and accurately allowing mail to be routed to the right people more effectively.

Having a digitised mailroom enables you to review analytics, get closer to your data, and begin automating certain customer-facing communications. Part of our service, the experts at EDM work with your teams to deliver continuous improvements to internal processes. Opting for EDM’s digital mailroom service can deliver operational efficiencies of up to 60% as well as financial savings of 20% in the first year.

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How does a digital mailroom work?
We’ve broken down our process into five digestible steps.

1. Receive

All inbound information, whether physical or electronic, enters the same process flow

2. Capture

Physical documents are scanned and all incoming information is categorised using intelligent classification software

3. Store

All documents are stored securely in a powerful hosted document management system that’s accessible from any desktop computer with an internet connection. Original paper documents are archived until no longer required, at which point they are securely destroyed

4. Process

EDM's digital mailroom gives COOs complete visibility of their operation, both in real-time (via on-screen dashboards) and on-demand or through regular reports

5. Inform

Automatic correspondence generation - which pulls relevant data from your system and merges it into predefined templates - making communicating with a large customer base easy

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Digital Mailroom virtual tours now available
Interested in a more thorough understanding and a look at the security features in place at our facilities? We’ve developed a virtual tour of our digital mailroom to guide you through the process.
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Who we help

EDM’s digital mailroom services help organisations looking to work smarter. Businesses wanting to eradicate paper at the source and consolidate all inbound business documentation. Think of our digital mailroom as providing you with opportunities to automate previously manual processes and, ultimately, the first step towards a full digital transformation.

We specialise in supporting the heads of change, facilities, risk and transformation do their jobs more effectively. We have had major success across enterprise-level B2C companies and public-sector organisations.

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Why choose EDM for your digital mailroom?


We are data capture specialists

Our team is used to working with a range of clients in different sectors. Our experts understand your mailroom needs quickly and strive to provide the most cost-effective options for your business.


Easy access & no risk of disruption

Your documents and communications will be available to you throughout the project through our hosted document management system, EDMonline and there will be no risk of disruption or downtime.


Intelligent processes

Any mail entering the system will trigger work allocation automation, distributing data based on suitability, availability and cost - ensuring that your employees can work to their full potential and at their most effective.


Nationwide coverage

Our nationwide network of facilities allows us to establish your digital mailroom wherever you are based. This proximity and flexibility makes the whole process as smooth as possible.


Secure and compliant

Our digital mailrooms, like all EDM services, are GDPR compliant and have full accreditation which allows us to work with a number of highly regulated industries.


Integrated services

We provide a range of services including bulk document scanning, offsite document storage and records management - meaning we can offer your business a full range of transformative services that integrate together.

The digital mailroom is just one branch our complete digital transformation capabilities

At EDM, we focus on delivering a suite of cost-effective, digital transformation services. We strive to drive businesses to work more efficiently and implement a secure, paperless ecosystem.

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