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EDM is a leading provider of digital mailroom solutions for enterprise clients in both the public and private sectors. Our fully scalable solutions grow with your business bringing you closer to your data and customers.

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EDM's digital mailroom capabilities are utilised by Facilities, Risk, Change, Transformation and Operations leaders of large enterprise B2C, and public sector organisations, to ensure inbound business documentation is accounted for and digitised on entry to business.

EDM's digital mailroom not only eradicates paper at source, it aids digital transformation initiatives, providing opportunities to automate workflow for key teams that are dependent on paper and manual processes.

hm revenue & customs

Digital mailroom transforms HM Revenue & Customs’ inbound mail process

Strategically, EDM’s digital mailroom has enabled HMRC to consolidate five large regional post hubs into one, improving customer service through significantly enhanced care of valuable documents with full visibility and traceability.

The digital mailroom process


All inbound information, whether physical or electronic, enters the same process flow



Physical documents are scanned and all incoming information is categorised using intelligent classification software



All documents are stored securely in a powerful hosted document management (link) system that’s accessible from any desktop computer with an internet connection. Original paper documents are archived until no longer required, at which point they are securely destroyed



EDM's digital mailroom gives COOs complete visibility of their operation, both in real time (via on-screen dashboards) and on demand or through regular reports



Automatic correspondence generation - which pulls relevant data from your system and merges it into predefined templates - making communicating with a large customer base easy

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What is a digital mailroom?

Digitising your mailroom processes will help bring your business closer to both your data and your customers, enabling better customer service, improved efficiency, reduced costs and improved compliance and quality. With a digital mailroom, your business could increase operational efficiency by up to 60% and realise 20% financial savings within the first year. 

Digital mailroom is one element of an enhanced digitisation solution that we can offer

Depending on your requirements, you may need one or more services that can help you achieve your business goals. Explore some of our related digitisation services.

Why choose EDM for mailroom automation?


We are data capture specialists

We are data capture specialists: Our team is used to working with a range of clients in different sectors, so we’ll understand your mailroom needs quickly and discuss the most cost-effective options for your business.


No risk of disruption

No risk of disruption: Your documents and communications will be available to you throughout the project through our hosted document management system, EDM Online and there will be no risk of disruption or downtime.


Intelligent processes

Any mail entering the system will trigger work allocation automation, distributing data based on suitability, availability and cost - ensuring that your employees can work to their full potential and at their most effective.


Nationwide coverage

Our nationwide network of facilities allows us to work wherever you are based in order to make the whole process as smooth as possible.


Secure and compliant

We provide GDPR compliant services and have full accreditation which allows us to work with a number of highly regulated industries.


Integrated services

We provide a range of services including bulk document scanning, offsite document storage and records management - meaning we can offer your business a full range of transformative services that integrate together.

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mailroom solution can help your business

Healthcare Banks & Building Societies Insurance Automotive Finance

Learn more about how the NHS is working with EDM to digitise healthcare

EDM Group is a trusted provider of digital Information Management services to the Healthcare sector. Decades of experience in undertaking some of the largest and most challenging medical-record scanning projects has enabled us to tailor our healthcare solutions to suit the specific requirements.

One billion +

Medical record images scanned

Learn more about how major banks and building societies are working with EDM to digitise the financial sector

Digital technology is radically changing the behaviour and expectations of consumers. This is particularly true in the financial services sector where established brands are striving to ensure their services are as seamless as possible for customers and business prospects who expect an increasingly personalised and relevant experience across all channels.


Reduction in customers operational costs

Learn more about how Insurers are working with EDM to digitise the insurance industry

The Insurance sector is one of the most competitive environments in business today. To survive in such a competitive marketplace, insurers have to be ruthlessly efficient, delivering an enhanced customer experience, operate at the lowest possible costs and comply with complex regulations and legislation.


Reduction in claims cycle

Learn more about how EDM is working with the Automotive industry to improve processes

EDM has delivered numerous solutions to the automotive retail sector, but we specialise in processes important to Automotive Finance such as getting your customer in their car as smoothly as possible via our automated Digital Payout solution and getting them out of the car at the end of a lease or rental with our Digital Damage Management solution.


Increasing in processing capacity

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Recommends - The Rise of the Digital Mailroom' whitepaper

Our survey showed that 30% of respondents cite delays in processing inbound mail as having a negative effect on their performance or reputation. Download the whitepaper by clicking below.

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