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Data is the fuel of today’s digital economy. Customer behaviour is dictating the way they want to be communicated with and increasingly it is digital first.  With the majority of businesses now undergoing a ‘Digital Transformation’ programme, this enables real opportunity to bring businesses closer to their customers. Closer and more frequent customer interaction is also generating more and more data making real time capture, accuracy and speed of access to data critical to maximising the value of every customer relationship. Every organisation should capture data and documents from every channel of communication in real time as part of their digital transformation road map.

Digital Transformation Solutions by EDM Group

Your Customer

In a customer-centric business Digital Transformation is all about how you engage with your customer, be that to sell a car, a mortgage or for them to open an account with you. Today customers expect this to be multi-channel and 24×7 and if you don’t provide that access your competitors will. EDM enables the digitisation of customer contact across both digital and analogue channels providing mobile apps, email handling, receipt of physical mail and point of sale face to face solutions, we are one of the only providers to handle hybrid communication across analogue and digital channels in the same process. To truly replace paper with digital transactions you need to address identity and electronic signatures as well, both of which EDM has solutions for. Interaction can be generic as with a Digital Mailroom that receives all of your post regardless of process, or it can be very process specific wrapping the information up in an end to end workflow specific to the transaction.

EDM Cloud

EDM’s unique capability is the power of our Hybrid Cloud Capture as a Service platform. Digitising your interaction with customers can seem relatively easy, but it can be a catch 22 if you don’t at the same time work out how you can consume and understand all that data and get it processed in the back office automatically and expediently. Going digital creates a customer expectation of faster responsiveness that must be met. EDM has the capability to receive documents and data from any channel and to extract actionable information. The customer interaction is then stored in as faithful a format possible to the original. If there are issues that can be identified simply, the system goes back to the sender in real time, for example, to say they have forgotten to attach ID, or sign a document. We then use powerful Business Rules and Artificial Intelligence techniques to replace previously manual checking and vetting to either process the request automatically or manually refer to someone. Savings can be as much as 70% compared to a paper-based process.

Your Enterprise

The next step is to process the information that has been received and captured, firstly by delivering to the right part of your organisation to send it to, for this EDM has a powerful Work Allocation Engine that can support different workforces from call centres to field based agents. To manage workload and understand volumes and trends, EDM’s platform includes management information and graphical dashboards. Then in almost every case integration with enterprise systems is required and this is often where Digital Transformation projects come to a halt. EDM supports virtually any form of web service or API integration through our Enterprise Service Bus, but we also have the ability to ‘integrate without integrating’ using Robotics to enter data into legacy system through virtual robot users.

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