Government & Education

Digital transformation is at the heart of the government’s ‘digital by default’ strategy. This means providing digital services that are so straightforward and convenient, both citizens and businesses can access government information that is readily available online, easy to find and understand, and at low or no cost.

In the US, the complex regulatory and compliance environment combined with intense budgetary and workforce pressures, the Freedom Of Information Act, Federal Records Act and regulations from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), means information has to be safely and securely sored and managed at the highest level.

How We Help

EDM are a trusted partner to many local and central government services providing value added solutions from information management to outsourcing business processes, reducing costs while increasing operational efficiencies.

We provide fast and efficient capabilities, expertise and essential certifications to ensure compliance for all government records management processes and policies. In the US, EDM has the highest number of NARA-certified facilities in the country.

Digital Mailroom

We helped successfully install the largest Digital Mailroom in the UK for HMRC, allowing them to track online correspondence within days instead of weeks.

The dedicated outsourced Digital Mailroom environment was implemented within a  4 month period. This mailroom now processes over 30,000 mail items per day within SLA’s of 36 to 48 hours.

The solution has resulted in up to 95% automatic classification of document type, subject matter and ID of customer. This enables ‘correct routing’ of mail to the nominated recipient within HMRC without the need of manual intervention.

Records Management

EDM was selected by a U.S. Federal Agency to move and secure records from a high-risk New York City location. Highly-sensitive documents had to be maintained with guaranteed on-demand data production. With more NARA-certified storage facilities than any other provider, EDM was able to quickly and securely relocate thousands of cartons to our highly-secured storage sites. And with an enterprise-wide records management system, each carton’s movement is tracked—ensuring compliance and peace-of-mind. The agency is now fully compliant with NARA and Federal Records Act regulations and saw immediate costs reductions.

RM Results is at the heart of educational assessment

RM Results is the product of 40 years’ experience in education technology working with the world’s leading exam boards, to modernise assessment. Every year more than a million people around the world get the marks they deserve thanks to RM Results, who provide an e-marking solution for examination boards both in the UK and internationally. EDM and RM Results are trusted partners with deep expertise who work closely together to continually improve the service and quality we offer to our customers and 3rd parties. EDM plays a vital part in the process by receiving millions of examination scripts, capturing critical data and uploading these electronically to RM Results for distribution to scoring assessors while also securely storing the physical examination papers post processing, before securely destroying them. Watch our short video for an overview of the scanning process developed by EDM to ensure the successful delivery of nearly 65 million images captured during the 2-month summer examination period.