Mortgage Support Services

EDM Mortgage Support Services provides a range of securely hosted technology platforms to the Mortgage Market, helping Lenders, Valuers and Conveyancers provide digital solutions to their customers.  Our products provide compliant services which deliver huge customer journey, risk management and cost reduction benefits, and can be delivered with minimal IT resource.

How We Help

Our securely hosted technology platforms bring Lenders, Valuers and Conveyancers into a connected digital marketplace, and enable complex decisions to be measured in seconds rather than days.  Lenders are able to make decisions based on accurate market data, instruct mortgage professionals and receive reports back online for onward processing using intelligent automation.


EDM PRISM provides Lenders with complete control of the risk evaluation process by bringing together everything you need in a revolutionary online marketplace.  PRISM gathers key property data and follows Lenders’ business rules to assess and then execute the property evaluation process, giving customers a decision within seconds, before linking with approved Valuers and Conveyancers to complete the process online.  See our video to find out how PRISM is transforming the face of property risk today.

Residential VEX

Our Residential Valuation Exchange (RVEX) provides Lenders and Valuers with a secure online platform for allocating, instructing and submitting residential property valuation reports, and is currently used by leading lenders and more than 90% of UK mortgage valuation professionals.  RVEX offers Lenders accurate MI, flexible forms and a unique self-billing process, whilst Valuers can receive and complete jobs online or through our sophisticated site survey mobile apps.

Commercial VEX

Our Commercial Valuation Exchange (CVEX) is a highly sophisticated online application by which leading Lenders can allocate and receive complex commercial property valuations from the right specialist property professional.  This unique product gives Lenders true visibility of their asset book through a detailed MI capability, an auditable workflow process for quality control and to reduce the risk of fraud as well as our self-billing functionality.

Conveyancing Portal

EDM Conveyancing Portal is our latest product and allows Conveyancers to receive instructions, submit reports and communicate and share documents with the mortgage marketplace from within a secure online digital portal.  Conveyancing Portal provides a detailed audit trail for all parties, reducing fraud and helping speed up the current process by sharing identified relevant data and eliminating inefficient processes including duplication.

Who We Help


We work with many of the leading UK mortgage lenders, including 4 of the ‘big 6’, to provide services including PRISM, Residential VEX and Commercial VEX


Conveyancer Portal is our latest product and will allow over 4,000 conveyancing practices across the UK to move online


Over 90% of Valuation professionals use our Residential VEX and Commercial VEX platforms to receive and submit work