How We Help

EDM’s solutions encompass the design, creation and production of all essential business communications. We work with you to create your perfect combination of customised communications, streamlined to meet your needs, including printing, mailing, binding and shipping. Combining 30 years’ industry experience, state-of-the-art equipment and technology we create professional documents designed for a better end-user experience. Our clients typically see up to a 30-percent cost savings over doing the same processes in-house.

Product Information

With special 2D barcode technology, each outbound communication—from a bank statement, to an insurance enrolment package, to an Accounts Payable check—is tracked through the system to ensure the highest quality and timeliness.

How We Add Value

We can add value to your processes so that when documents are returned to a digital mailroom, they are easily digitised and the critical information can be extracted.