How We Help

Printed outbound communications are important vehicles for sharing key information with customers and influencing their behavior. Effective outbound communications are a vital piece of the customer experience, but compliance, delivery tracking and rising postage costs can easily become pain points. Utilizing EDM as your trusted vendor partner can open the doors to greater process efficiencies, postage discounts, real-time tracking dashboards and customizable, eye-catching calls to action. We leverage our 30 years of expertise with clients in the highly-regulated insurance, healthcare and financial industries, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology to create cost-effective, professional documents designed for a better end-user experience.

Product Information

With special 2D barcode technology, each outbound communication—from a bank statement, to an insurance enrolment package, to an Accounts Payable check—is tracked through the system to ensure the highest quality and timeliness.

How We Add Value

We can add value to your processes so that when documents are returned to a digital mailroom, they are easily digitized and critical information can be extracted.